The Best Pest Control in Kaneohe!

 The top three pest control companies in Kaneohe have been listed here, with information about each company and how to contact them included.

Kilauea Pest Control is a business focused on customer service. It was founded in 2002, and with great customer reviews is one of the top companies in Kaneohe. Kaneohe Pest has a large arsenal of eco-friendly products that are not only low impact but are also effective in keeping bugs out of your life. 

 AAA Termite & Pest Control has been a family owned business for over 40 years. AAA provides a wide variety of services, including termidor liquid treatment, ground termite treatment, and construction pre-treatment. AAA specializes in residential and commercial pest control.

A larger pest control company, servicing over 17,500 customers and operating on all of the major Hawaiian islands. Sandwich Isle has been in business for the past 14 years and exceeds all requirements, both in the State of Hawaii and Federal. They are a high tech and fast pace business, tracking their clients' pests quicker than you'd think possible. Also, every Sandwich Isle service specialist is equipped with easily identifiable uniforms and service badges.

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